Organizing With Shelves

Monday, March 27, 2017

It seems that lately I have been addicted to shelves. If you come to my house you will see the many ways I use them. I recently decided to create an office space in my livingroom and found myself needing some (more) shelves for things I can't have on my desk. Such things as scissors, pens, and things that I need to keep out of small hands reach.

When it comes to shelves there's so many options out there, just be sure to get something that is functional for you. In my case I wanted something sleek. Just enough to hold some pencil cups, confetti jar, and a container for my labels.

Once I decided on which side of the wall I wanted the shelves on, I measured the space to see what size I needed to get them. On one of my trips to A.C. Moore I came across some wood shelves and as soon as I saw them I knew they were perfect for my space. 

The first thing I did once I purchased my shelves was paint them. I had a jar of white chalk paint and I used it to paint the shelves. Then I had to install them, which you might think it was hard but it really wasn't, since the shelves already come with brackets all I had to do was drill them to the wall. I had the option of painting the screw white to blend in, but I liked the way they looked so I kept them like that.

Next came the fun part, Styling them! I already had some containers that I purchased from Michaels Stores a while back and a recycled talenti container. These were perfect for my confetti and labels. The pencil cups and Faux succulent were purchased from Target. I found the pineapple paper clip tray at Home Goods. 

I had the personalized arrow custom made by Mandy of  Havens Place . Mandy was super sweet to work with and shipped my arrow right away. Check out her shop and customize something just for you.

I have yet to finish the space, but I will keep you updated on the progress.

What are some fun storage ideas that are a must for small spaces? Share your ideas with me :)


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