Gali turned 2

Thursday, July 28, 2016

My little girl is two! I can't believe I have a toddler already. Where does the time go.

This year I began early in the year to plan her second birthday. I put together a color scheme and later on came up with a theme. 
I knew I wanted purple, teal and white with a pinch of neon green and gold details. Then it was either a unicorn theme or mermaid theme. Unicorns won!

There's a lot that goes into planning a birthday party no matter how small the celebration, you need decorations, a cake, and food. Then you have your guest list and how you're going to be entertaining your small guests as well as the adults. 

With that said, I panicked and really couldn't handle putting a party together. And besides, it was a second birthday. Her first birthday we had a party and I was so busy here and there that I barely took any pictures. So this year since I had started on a few decorations I decided I would celebrate with her the whole day just by doing different things that she would like. It literally was "All About Gali" ;)

The day before her birthday we had a mini photoshoot at the park where I snapped a few pics of her holding a giant number two that I made. Even doing this was a project. 

Unicorn Confetti here

Gali's birthday was on a Thursday so I decided to bake a cake and sing happy birthday after dad came home from work.

The morning of her birthday, Jax and I grabbed a bunch of balloons and surprised her when she woke up. Then I made unicorn shaped pancakes using this cute cookie cutter I purchased here

While the kids had a pretend picnic in the middle of our livingroom I was in the kitchen baking a cake and making chocolate covered Oreos. A few of my nieces and nephews were coming over to join us for cake so I made those extra treats for them. 

I went with a naked carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. And just added a Unicorn cake topper set. 

She kept putting her fingers in the cake. It's that Cream cheese frosting ;)

Mini powdered donuts and chocolate covered oreos, btw those are the thin oreos and I thought they were so much yummier than the regular ones ;). I also made a chocolate bark which I forgot to put out. Bummer!

If you're not a baker, some great cake ideas are donut towers here , pancake birthday cake here or try an oreo tower like I did here and get a customized cake topper from The LVR Shop wink wink.

My little unicorn had a smile all day. You don't have to do a full on birthday party all the time, but you can make their day super special with little things, that's what really counts. Seeing her expression when she saw the unicorn shaped pancakes was priceless. And watching her eat it was hilarious 😆

Happy 2nd Birthday, Princess! 😘

Top+Shorts: Target/Sandals: Old Navy/Necklace: here

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