Silly Sock Day DIY

Monday, March 07, 2016

What's up people?!

Today I have a super easy "Silly Sock Day" DIY for you.

So let me tell you briefly how this came about..
I happened to buy "J" a pack of socks at Costco. The pack had different colors and prints. When I got home and took the pack apart I saw there were like 3 pairs that were pretty silly. They had some type of monsters on them and I immediately thought how cool they would look if I added big "Googly Eyes" to make them even sillier (is that even a word, lol).

What you'll need..
Fabric Glue
Googly eyes here

 I placed the googly eyes right over the existing eyes on the sock. See, I told you it was super easy.

Silly Sock day was a success!

*I actually ended up using hot glue . When I opened the fabric glue it was dry and couldn't use it. The hot glue held up pretty good.

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