DIY Chalk Painted Plant Pot

Monday, March 14, 2016

This weekend I finally got a chance to get my Spring/Easter decor out. All I wanted was something simple. Some plants, a banner, an Easter bunny somewhere, and a wreath which I still have to put up.

About a year ago I became obsessed with succulents. I like that they don't need much maintenance. I recently picked up a few more from Ikea and bought these pots to put them in. I wasn't thrilled about the glossy pots so I knew a DIY was upon me. I decided to give them a whitewashed look and since I already had chalk paint on hand, it was an easy task.

What you'll need:
*Plant pots here
 *Chalk paint in color of your choice. I used EVERLASTING here
*1 inch brush

Take a Teaspoon size of your chalk paint and a spoonful of water. Mix. Then you're going to dry the tip of your brush with gentle strokes back and forth on a paper towel or a piece of fabric. Next you can start painting your pot. Stroking your brush in the same direction all around the pot. Keep doing this technique until you've covered your planter. Then take a piece of cloth (I used a piece of drop cloth) dampen a bit and rub the pot in the same direction to give it a rustic feel.

I left the inside of the pot untouched, but you can also do the same technique.

If you give this DIY a try, share your photos with me :)

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