A Magical 18th Birthday

Thursday, March 03, 2016


Red Velvet cake with Cookie dough ice cream and chocolate shavings. So yummy!

tarot coloring cards via Pinterest

Last week my cousin turned 18 years old. Our family usually gets together when it's one of our birthdays and we'll do a simple gathering with just food and cake. 

I'm always in charge of baking and decorating (only because of my ocd, and I love it) especially if it's at my house. 

This birthday was literally a last minute thing. I seriously didn't realize she was turning 18 already. So I immediately thought that I had to do something special, and it had to be something she would love. 

I started brainstorming and thinking about things she likes. I know she loves Linkin Park but I didn't want to do a "Linkin Park" theme. I didn't have much time to get that creative in putting something together within that theme.

I knew that she also likes dream catchers, ouija boards and loves the store Gypsy Warrior

So I put my thinking cap on and started searching for stuff. I found some "Stardust" themed paper that I had from a twinkle twinkle little star baby shower and decided that I was going to use them for a banner and confetti.

I searched online for ouija boards, crescents and tarot cards. I printed and cut them out.

I then went through my house looking for items to fill my cake table. I grabbed candle holders, picture frames, vases, and plants. 

Since it wasn't a big event and it was only about 12 people there wasn't much dessert. The cake was ordered from Coldstone, which was amazing.
And I had mini donuts and Oreos that I added to the table. 

When Alexa arrived she was so happy, she really loved the setup. At the end of the night she took most of the decorations and said she would use them to decorate her room. 
Now that made me happy!

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