A Doggy Birthday Celebration

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hope you all had a nice long weekend. Gali and I have been sick so we didn't get to enjoy Easter. I had promised the kids an egg hunt and we didn't get to do it. Jax suggested we do it next weekend, we'll see.

Our doggy "Star" had a birthday last week, since shes been with us I have never celebrated her birthday. I have always wanted to celebrate her birthday with her doggy friends, but because the weather isn't warm enough for an outdoor birthday it's impossible. 
So this year I thought why not celebrate it with her siblings and friends (humans) lol.

I didn't want a "Doggy" themed birthday so I went with a Spring theme. Which involved lots of color and flowers.

The guests

Eating her chicken nugget and french fries

Treat boxes filled with bubbles and candy

water and popcorn

Gali wanted to take the cake for herself

Star's leftover cake

All partied out!

I made chicken nuggets and french fries for the kids. Star ate a little as well. I made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting but left Star's cake plain.

I took my candy bowl and added pretzels, cheerios, and candy coated chocolate in pastel colors.

I could tell Star enjoyed her celebration. 

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