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Friday, January 08, 2016



Every year our family celebrates the new year with my cousin and her family. This year we decided to add Karaoke to the festivities and let me tell you it was so much fun. So much that I didn't even get to take outfit pics. 
As I went through my phone the next day I found this shot that I took of my new favorite wrap bracelet and awesome party supplies.

The bracelet is by Victoria Emerson. This bracelet really caught my eye with the black on black, its actually called Midnight Mist. It's a 5 wrap handmade leather bracelet with jet hematite crystals. I figured out a few other ways I can wear it, stay tuned for that.
There's so many options when it comes to the color combo on these bracelets, but you know I had to go with all black.
I really fell in love with their Winter Collection. There's a pretty necklace with glass beads that I have to have along with a few other favorites. Check out all the pretties here


Dress Kenneth Cole
Party Supplies here
Bracelet here

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