Pete the Cat Birthday

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

 Pete the Cat books are my sons favorite books to read. This year for his birthday I decided to surprise him at school with some cupcakes. 
As I started giving thought to it, I was getting a bit stressed because cupcakes are not my thing. Ok wait before you say anything, what I mean is that I can't ice cupcakes to save my life LOL. I can bake, I can ice a cake, I can cover a cake with fondant but cupcakes Nope. 
Then the thought of having to make at least 3 dozens was really stressing me out. I mean the whole icing and then how was I going to travel with them without getting messed up was really getting to me. 

Last year I had my sister @creativecakesbymm make cake pops (she's the bomb at those) and I would've had her make the cupcakes for me, but I lost track of time and it was too late to put an order in and I know how busy she gets with amazing cake orders. Had it been like last year where there was only 12 students in the class it would've been ok.

Then on a trip to Shop Rite I saw the cupcakes they have and was tempted to just buy them rather than bake them myself. But I know how much my son loves MY cupcakes (plain cupcakes that is) so I knew it would be extra special if I made them. 

So I did what any mom who takes pride in "do it yourself" would do. I bought all my ingredients and prayed that these cupcakes were a success. 

I gathered everything and started to bake (pictures were taken with my phone, camera battery was dead)


I made Funfetti cupcakes with mini coated chocolate chip sprinkles.


I made a mix of Pete the Cat and the number 6 toppers




I was so happy with the result. These have to be the best cupcakes I've done.

I also made simple goodie bags for his classmates. I don't believe in giving children a bag full of candy so I made some confetti, printed out a Pete the Cat activity found on Pinterest and added 3 pieces of candy to each bag. Plain and simple. And guess what was the first thing that the kids noticed in the goodie bags... Pete the Cat!

Jax was very excited and so were his classmates. 

Happy Birthday Jax, I love you!

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