How to host a New Year's Eve party at home

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wow I can't believe 2015 is coming to an end. So many great memories this year.

Last week my blogger friend Alicia from and I put together some New Years Eve styling to bring you an idea of a simple way you can celebrate the new year at home.

We decided on Black, White, and Gold for our color scheme. I already had some things on hand and just added a few DIY's. Alicia also brought some things from her stash and put together some yummy treats. 

Whether you're having an intimate dinner with family or having an all out celebration, a well put together tablescape is key.

We started off with a black tablecloth and a piece of sequined fabric which served as a runner.

We dressed up the table with these chargers that I recently took from blah to holiday chic by spray painting them gold.

We gathered candleholders, vases, and props to decorate the table. Adding different size and textured pieces can create an interesting centerpiece.

This cream cheese dip was truly delicious. Easy, simple, and tasty. Just get a block of cream cheese, glaze it with caramel, sprinkle chopped walnuts on top and garnish with apples. See I told you it was easy. Thanks Alicia, I will be making this for my guests.  (found on Pinterest)

My star baking dish came in handy for these yummy ginger cookies.

When putting together buffet or dessert tables don't overlook using cake stands and other dishes to place food in. Just because it's a "cake stand" it doesn't mean it's only for cakes. 
Look how we placed mini cupcakes in martini glasses with confetti as a base.

 I also painted this wooden tray from and lined it with a sheet of chevron cardstock paper. 

For the table (which is actually a buffet table), we used 2 yards of polka dot fabric and another piece of the sequined fabric also used as a runner. 
A star garland, paper fan, globes and large confetti were used as a backdrop.

These fancy photoprops were also used to decorate the table. Get them here


Don't forget the bubbly,

Well that is all for now. Stick around if you want to see what i'm doing for our New Year's Eve party later this week using some of the ideas on this post.


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