A year ago today!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A year ago today I was admitted into the hospital because of an infection. Anyone who has Crohn's disease or knows someone who does, knows that we are prone to infections. I've had Crohn's disease since the age of 13, so whenever I feel sick I know whether it's from the Crohn's or not. 
In September of 2014 I began feeling sick. I was having a high fever and I immediately knew I had to go to the hospital. I was admitted and treated right away.  I was feeling discomfort on my right foot and it was starting to swell up. 
I was sent for Xrays and I think even an ultrasound of my leg. They showed nothing. Finally they decided to do an MRI of my foot. Now to make the story a little longer.... When an MRI is done, sometimes it's done with contrast. Meaning they have to put in an IV line and administer a dye which is suppose to help with seeing where something is wrong. Well three different nurses came in to try to put in the IV and had no luck. My veins were hiding out. It was hell!

Anyway, after maybe three days I was told that I had "Osteomyelitis". I know, I was like WTF is that? They began asking me questions like did I fall and hurt my foot, did I injure my foot was I in an accident, And my answer was NO. 
After giving thought to the situation all I could remember was that a few weeks back I had dropped a bottle of spritz (hairspray) on that foot but at the time I didn't bruise or anything. It turns out that it caused internal injury and I caught an infection. 
Now let me tell you the hardest part of all this. I had just given birth to my princess at the end of June, so my daughter was just 2/12 months old. Can you imagine being in a hospital for seven days without seeing your kids, a newborn at that?

Wait it gets better...
So while in the hospital I saw a podiatrist who came and wrapped my foot in a soft cast, which honestly I think it made my foot worst. The pain was excruciating and I couldn't sleep throughout the night. 
The next morning I asked that it be removed. I couldn't even get out of bed because my foot was swollen and very sensitive. 
I was on a couple of antibiotics and pain killers. I was so drugged I had no idea WTF was going on or even what the doctors were telling me. I had asked my family to please come in so that they could speak with the doctors because I was out of it. It was the scariest shit ever!

This is where the fun begins (sarcasm)..
Finally I was discharged with a walker because I couldn't walk on that foot. 
The plan was that I had to go EVERYDAY for IV treatment to an Infusion Center. A PICC line was put in for this type of treatment.
I felt so useless. I couldn't hold my baby unless I was laying down. The pain was so severe and my foot was so swollen that it didn't look like a foot anymore. It was horrific! 
I cried every single day. Not because of the pain or the fact that I couldn't walk. The only thought that was going through my mind was "What if I don't get through this and can't take care of my kids?"

For three months my daily routine was try to get my son ready for school so that my mom can take him, come back help me get ready, get the baby ready and then she would drive me to get my treatment because I wasn't allowed to drive. The treatment took about an 1 hour and a half. I tell you it was hell trying to do the normal everyday stuff.
I had to use the walker for everything.
I couldn't go anywhere that required walking or standing. I couldn't even wear shoes. About a week after being home, I followed up with the podiatrist and I was told that I needed to wear a Walking Cam boot along with my walker because I was not to put any pressure on the foot.

After weeks of treatment I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Things started to feel better. My mood also changed. I told myself that I have been through many situations and with prayer and faith I got through them. So I continued to pray and kept a positive mind for the sake of my kids. 
I know this might seem crazy but I even told myself that if my leg had to be amputated, so be it. I just had to be strong for my kids!

One day I decided to get up from bed and hop on one foot,(it's ok, you can laugh) use the walker or cane and suck it up and do what I had to do. I did a lot of hopping around the house. My son was cute though, he would say that his foot was hurting and that he needed my walker. He would take it and hop around the house lol. It was funny!  

Before I knew it I was walking with only the walking boot. No cane, no walker. 
It was hard, but I had to do it. 
After about 3 months the walking boot was off and I was limping but there was progress. Not so much pain, but some discomfort. 

It took sometime to get used to wearing regular shoes. It wasn't until mid spring that I was able to wear flats and sandals.

And now a year later, I still get a little discomfort but nothing like what I had experienced. I don't think I will ever be able to wear heels again *insert sad face here* but I can live with that.

The important thing is that I surpassed this situation, I didn't need surgery and I'm alive!!

Sometimes we go through things that we don't understand. I think it's Gods way of making us stronger.

If you are going through something, have faith that things will get better. 

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Have A Great Day! Xo

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