Easy Coffee Station with DIY Canisters

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Let's start the morning off talking about Coffee.
If you're like me you probably can't start your day without that first cup right?

So yesterday while cleaning my kitchen I decided to designate an area just for our coffee, you know a "Coffee Station". I don't have that much space in my kitchen but I knew I could come up with something.
After searching around the house it hit me, so I put my creativity to work and came up with this......

I used this tray which I had on my dining table here and put my coffee maker, and DIY canisters along with these cute coasters.

To create these canisters you will need:

Canisters (mine are from Ikea)
painter's tape
paint brush
newspaper (optional)
contact paper
3/4" circle punch

This is what they looked like before..


First let's start with the striped one, cut your tape into strips as thick as you want and place all around your canister.
Like this...

As you can see I used the newspaper to protect my table from getting painted. Lord knows how many times I have made a mess before lol.
After your tape is secure you can begin painting, going over the tape as well.

Next your going to use the hole punch and cut as many circles as you'd like out of contact paper

Now you can peel and place the dots randomly on the canister

And then go on to painting like you did the striped one.
Once it was somewhat dried I began removing the tape and dots. When you do this step do it with caution. 
For the blue polka dot canister I scratched around the edges of the circle to give it that not so perfect look. (optional)

Now you can fill your jars with Coffee and Sugar and Enjoy!

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