Decorating with Pops of Color!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

Lately I've been obsessed with Neutral Color Palettes rather than the usual "Bold Colors" I would always lean towards. However, I still want that Pop of color added to my decor.

I recently changed the decor in my living/dining room. I'll do a post later with before and after pictures once I'm done decorating it.

Here's some pictures I found with pops of color used in different ways.


Here they took a neutral palette and added pops of pink in different tones in the accents. You can choose a favorite color for example to create your own look.

By Found Design

I like how here all the furniture is mix match but in the same gray tones. Adding the pops of green and yellow brings the space to life. 

Another way to add a pop of color is with an accent wall. Here they added color with the walls and a contrasting color with pillows and a chair. Keeping the rest of the walls, floor and bedding neutral gives the room a fresh feel.

By  Imactoy

A bright colored baroque mirror will add the perfect touch to a neutral decor. You can thrift a mirror like this and paint it yourself in the color of your choice!

By Emily Clark

You can also paint a piece of furniture and make it your focal point.


You can also try a bright or pastel hued sofa in a neutral space like it was done here.

You can try adding one piece of furniture to be your accent color or you can choose different contrasting colors throughout your space to bring a simple space to life. This is a great idea for rental spaces where you're not allowed to do any painting.

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