Christmas Tree Idea

Friday, December 13, 2013

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 
Well, I'm trying. LoL. This year I decided not to do an actual tree. The reasons being that (a) I really don't feel like being annoyed with the fact that Jax and Star (yes, the dog too) play with and around the tree and I have to be on top of them and hoping that the tree doesn't fall on them. (b) That I'm pregnant and I've just been too tired to put up a tree and lets not forget taking it down. Miss LV just #aintgottimeforthat haha. 

Speaking of.... Yes, I am expecting my second child! Aside from all the morning sickness I feel very happy and blessed.
This explains the lack of  "Outfit Posts", as I mentioned I've been feeling extremely tired to take pictures. However I do plan to do "Maternity Styling" and I will be sharing those ideas with you later on.

Anyway, let's get back to this tree...
What I did was, I grabbed some of the top branches from my old tree and placed them into a vase. Actually this was an old wine gallon which I spray painted. Then I gathered some ornaments and decorated my little tree. Most of the ornaments were diy. I made some out of paper, some were personalized, and some were spray painted as well. I guess by know you've realized I need rehab for spray painting LOL.

This works well if you have a small space and can't do an actual tree or if you'd like to decorate your office. There's many ways you can decorate for Christmas without necessarily having a tree.  

Here's a few more pics of what I did....

I added a few details to the table to give it more of a Christmas feel.
Check out what I did last year here.

Thanks for stopping by! XO

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