How I spruced up my Chandelier

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday lovelies,
today I want to share with you how you can spruce up your chandelier....

About 3 years ago I thrifted (well actually it was in my moms basement) this chandelier and I knew I wanted it over my dining table. The only thing is that it was brass and missing some pieces (like those lampshades some come with). I took a chance and bought some silver spray paint and let me just add that I was hesitant to paint it. It was my first major spray paint project, and my neighbor kept telling me I was going to mess it up. If there's one thing I hate is for someone to try to stop Me from doing something, especially if they don't know what they're doing either.

Anyway I took my chandelier outside, hung it on a clothing line and began to paint. First I used a primer and then used my metallic spray paint. The only mistake I made was that I decided to paint in extremely cold weather, and you shouldn't spray paint under 60 degrees.Wish I knew that then. The best temp is about 60-85 degree temperature. If you paint below 60 your paint can freeze and anything above 85 it will bubble.
This past summer I spent the entire summer trying to get someone to bring  the chandelier down so that I could sand and repaint and it just didn't happen, hopefully in the spring I can get to that. 

However I wanted to add some detail to it. I was searching online for crystals and they were too expensive and honestly I wasn't sure if the size would be right. The other day while in search for a tablecloth at Marshalls, I came across these Christmas ornaments and thought that they would look perfect on the chandelier. The size and shape were exactly what I needed and the best part is that I spent less than $14 for two sets of 12. I only used 13 but had I purchased them online the cost would have been about $2+ each crystal for the size I wanted.  

This is what the chandelier looked like before I painted it, I know, it looks good as is but it just didn't go with my decor. ( This isn't my actual chandelier, but it's very similar to what it looked like except in poor condition. )

This was after I painted it 2 years ago.

This is how it looks now with the crystals, which I painted the same color as the chandelier.

The Ornaments!


To make it more glam, I added a string of beads from Target also found at the Christmas section.

I just LOVE the way it looks now!

Thanks for stopping by XO

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