Decorate a Pumpkin

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm not too fond of the whole "scary" Halloween decorations, but I wanted to do a little decorating that went with my decor but still had the feel of Halloween. I started by getting a few pumpkins together and spray painting them in different colors ( I used paints I had from a few projects around the house). I then added ribbon, studs (thumbtacks) and dots to make them more decorative.
I later headed for the dollar store and purchased a witch hat, some bats, spiders and two black leaf garlands. 

I wanted the large pumpkin to be higher than the others, so I had to brainstorm and find something to put it on top of. I went to the yard and found a planter which was black. I grabbed a can of silver spray paint and went to town on it. I had a few thumb tacks left so I gave it a little detail and placed it upside down and just like that I created a stand for my pumpkin. I also took one of my lanterns and filled it with pine cones and smaller pumpkins which I also painted.
Once everything was ready I headed outside to put it all together.

Here's what I created.....

For the white pumpkin I scored some black and white chevron ribbon at Walmart for a dollar. All I did was glue it to the the pumpkin using a hot glue gun.
The little blue pumpkin has a studded design made with thumbtacks purchased from Dollar Tree and was spray painted with Rustoleum "Aqua" paint. ( Same color I used on my chair here )
The polka dot pumpkin is actually "Antique White" also by Rustoleum and the polka dots were done with paint leftover from another project. The witch hat came with a yellow string and I replaced it with a purple lace that I already had so that it goes with the purple and black bats that are on the door.

And that's what my Halloween decor looks like. Xo

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  1. This is so it ;)


  2. Loved this.... those damn squirrels!! lol


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