DIY Studded Booties

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

As summer comes to an end I started to go through my fall/winter clothes to see what gets tossed and what stays. I wanted to toss these booties to the giveaway pile or Poshmark pile, but then I decided to DIY them with a little stud action. 

By the way "Studs" are back this Fall, so you can pump up your wardrobe with a little stud. 

Now back to these booties...
I got these last fall from DSW and I can say I got some use out of them, but after a while I felt like they needed to be modified lol. For instance the heel kind of bothered me, I wish they were black. I know you're thinking why didn't I buy them with a different heel, but truth is I liked them when I purchased them but after wearing them a few times I really wasn't feeling them anymore. So in this DIY I decided to paint the heel black, cut off that annoying thing at the back and added some studs. Now I have some trendy boots that are like new!

What you need:
*A pair of booties (old or new)
*Craft paint ( I used Martha Stewart "Carbon", I'm obsessed with this paint)
*Brush ( I used a sponge brush)
*Studs ( I took mine off of an old belt)

First I painted the heels. (This step is optional)
Second I removed the studs from my belt and chose where I would place them.
Third Cut off annoying tag
Fourth I poked the studs into place and with my flat-head screwdriver I secured them tightly and safe enough not to scratch or puncture my skin when I put them on.

So there you have it, can't afford to buy? Why not DIY?

Enjoy the rest of your day. And please let me know if you DIY your own pair of booties. Xo

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