The Perfect Glasses For Your Face Frame!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hey lovelies, ever wonder why those glasses you love so much just don't look right on you? Well maybe it's because the one's you have your eyes on aren't the right shape for your face frame. 
I see it all the time, sunglasses which are too small or to big. But no worries my lovelies,  these tips will help you find the perfect sunnies for you!

Keep in mind that your frames should follow your brow line.When choosing glasses, take the shape of your face into consideration.

Here's a little guide to help you pick the best sunglasses for your face.

If you have a Round Face...
Rectangle and Cat Eyes are a good fit for you. Try to avoid circular or rounded frames, these will make your cheeks look fuller.

If you have an Oval Face...
You're in luck, you can handle just about any frame. Go with a pair that suits you best!

If you have an Oblong Face...
Try a pair with upward curves, cat's eyes with squared off bottoms, and rectangles. 

If you have a Square Face...
Go for aviator frames, oval or rounded, avoiding anything that's squared off.

If you have a Heart-Shaped/ Triangular Face...
Your best bet are frames that are straight across the top and rounded at the bottom. They will give your face balance.

When you purchase your next pair of fashionable shades read the tag to make sure they block out all the sun's harmful rays.
 I suggest investing in a good pair of sunglasses.

*And don't forget to wear lipstick, it gives your face balance!

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  1. As it is very difficult to select a perfect sunglasses for women. Thanks for the nice tips. These will really help me to select perfect sunglasses for me.


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