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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hey lovelies, 
It's been a while since I talked about my health and other things that are going on in my life so I want to share a little with you in this post. 
So I finally got health insurance which is great because now I don't have to pay out of pocket for my medical supplies but sucks because I can't see my previous Gastroenterologist or get certain medications and treatment. This means that I'm still having symptoms, the joint pain comes and goes and when it's not my arm its my leg that hurts. I honestly feel like when I was first diagnosed in the sense that I am limited to certain activities. 

Lately it seems that every time I have an event to go to or am invited to something I get sick. This past weekend one of my good friends had a bridal shower which I said that no matter what I would be there. The event was on Saturday and Friday morning I woke up with pain in my lower back and hip. By the middle of the day I was limping and could barely walk. This meant that the outfit I had planned had to be changed because I wasn't going to be able to wear heels.  The pain was really bad and I was starting to feel sad thinking about not being able to attend the Bridal shower of one of the greatest friend's I have. Saturday morning the pain and limping were a lot worse. I took some pain killers and relaxed for a bit so that I wouldn't be too tired, when the time came to get ready. 

I put an outfit together which turned out better than I thought considering I had to wear flats. I couldn't take enough pictures for a blog post but I'll give you a preview of what I wore.

The top is old and is honestly a piece that I can't part with. It's light and versatile. It can be cinched at the waist as it buttons on the back or can have a flowy look unbuttoned. I chose to wear a belt over it to break all the black. The skirt is faux leather and its from Forever 21. I love the fit of this skirt and the length. I went with metallic flats which are right on trend. They are from Nordstrom.  The belt is from H&M.

It was a painful evening, but worth it!

Aside from all the pain, something I've been obsessing with lately is my patio. I've been trying to get ideas for my patio. The warm weather is approaching and I would like to have a nice space to relax while Jax plays in the yard. I have this whole idea of how I would like the space to look but can't happen on my budget. Instead I will use a bench that I have and some chairs to form a chic space that I can sit, relax and entertain as well. The chairs need a fresh coat of paint and of course I will DIY some cushions. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box and work with what you have, all you need is imagination and a little elbow grease. With places like Pinterest and HGTV you can get a lot of ideas and helpful tutorials on creating great spaces. Here's a few pictures of outdoor spaces that I really like.

Notice how there's a mix and match with all the pieces but works together.

"Backyard Beach"
When I saw this I fell in love, I think Jax would really enjoy something like this. 

This isn't really my style but I love the design on the fence.

I saw this chair at Ikea last year and I have wanted it ever since. I want two of them but maybe in black.

Now this space is Amazing, this would have to be the "Mom Space". Just what I need, a lounger and extra seating for friends.

I thought this was cute. If all you have space for is a table and chairs, this is perfect and inexpensive.

I'm really loving this pink and orange combination.

Well Lovelies this is what I've been up to. As I lay in bed with my laptop I've been gathering ideas for a great outdoor space where even if I'm not feeling well I can be outside comfortably while Jax plays and enjoys the weather.

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  1. Awww...amiga I hope you get better! Glad to hear you have insurance now! Girl you look hot with those flats! You know I'm the flats LOVER! You look great!


    1. Thank you Melissa, yes I know how you love flats. These were pretty comfy!

  2. Hey Lee, I'm glad you got insurance and i hope that you start feeling better!! You look gorge in the picture and that is so nice, you a great friend to make it to that bridal shower in so much pain.



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