Sunday Grams

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hey lovelies, Happy Sunday!
 If you're new to my blog, every now and then I bring to my readers "Sunday Grams". What is this you might ask, it's a peek at my Instagram photos of daily life events.
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I wasn't a fan of Margaritas until I had a Mango Margarita. I had this one at Chevy's on National Margarita Day! It was YUMMY!

A baby shower cake that I made.

In case you didn't know I am Dominican. Here I wore this hat on Independence Day for Dominican Republic!

Some Spring makeup. Look how fabulous my hair looks :)

Haha I came across this image and thought it described Jax perfectly.

I started a photo challenge for the month of March and a smile was one of the challenges. What do you think of my curls?

Jax and his OOTD.
Sporting a Snoopy t-shirt and jeans from Childrens Place
Vest from Walmart
Yankee fitted and Jordans
and of course his IPhone (toy)

My week from hell!
Since last weekend I have been having pain in my left hand. What started as minor pain turned to swelling to not being able to move my hand at all. The pain also went all the way up my arm. In the emergency room I was told that it was due to the Crohn's. They bandaged my hand, gave me pain medication and sent me on my way. I'm still recovering.

A little collage I created of my Summer looks 2012 for Throwback Thursday. You can find all of these looks on the blog by searching the tag "summer" on my blog.

I captioned this picture with "Because black laces would be boring", truth is I purchased these sneakers and they didn't come with any laces. I thought it would be fun to add bold color laces. The sneakers are by Keds and the neon laces are from Sports Authority. I like wrapping the laces around my ankles, its my little signature look ;)

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