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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Hey Lovelies,
First off I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I wish you ALL a Great, Healthy, and Prosperous Year!!!
I don't have any outfit photos from the holidays because it really wasn't a great one. I won't get into details because I
I have put it behind me and I decided that I am going to start off this year HAPPY!!!
This post is about Instagram photos so lets begin.....
I tried to get in the spirit by giving myself a Christmas inspired maniure. I'm wearing Ruby Ruby and BlackonBlack both by SinfulColors and Snow white by Brucci.

This is one of my favorite watches, not only because its from one of my favorite designers "Betsey Johnson", but because of the Star shape. You should know by now about my obsession with STARS.

So one of the few things that you don't know about me is that I bake. This is a cake that was ordered by a friend of my cousin for her sister. She sent me a picture of what the birthday girl wanted and I recreated a smaller version of it. I heard that she is a fan of Hello Kitty, so I added that detail to the cake. The flavor of the cake was Chocolate with fresh Strawberries & Banana and White Chocolate filling, it had whipped icing and covered in Fondant. Sounds yummy huh?

I reached 1000 Followers on Instagram! Thank You So Much!! Are you following me, what are you waiting for?

So Jax turned 3!
 I made this cake for my little rockstar. We didn't have a party, but he enjoyed his cake with family!
the cake was Vanilla with Lemon filling and Whipped Icing. The cupcakes were Chocolate.

My favorite cousin Katherine gave me these Fabulous gloves for Christmas. I just love the studded detail. They are from ALDO
Checkout the bracelet I made for myself. For those special moments when you have to ask yourself "WTF", hahaha

Here's my little monster playing with my glasses.

I'm pretty sure by now you have heard about these "Blending Sponges", I wanted to see what the hype is all about so I got myself one. (I still haven't tried it, I promise I will do a post on it soon)!

One of the many things I was excited about with the Neiman Marcus & Target Collab. were these cookie cutters. Now that you know I bake, you can understand why. I think they are so cool and I can't wait to play with them! ;)

If you've been with me since the beginning of this journey, you know that I'm pretty crafty and like DIY projects. As I mentioned before I'm working on creating a "Mom Cave", its been hard work getting the space to what I want. Since its a small space I am very limited to what I would like to do. Anyway, I kinda started off the year organizing everything. So I was throwing stuff out and I was undecided about whether to keep this box or toss it. Then my creative juices started to flow. I had this huge pack of baby wipes, which I occasionally use to remove my makeup laying around and that's when the idea came to mind.... What if I can fit this inside this pretty little box? And just like that, I created something beautiful to hide this gigantic pack of wipes. Oh and let me add that it goes perfect with my décor.
Yeah Yeah you can call me the Queen of Black&White :)
Btw that's my vanity with the zebra top, but I'll tell you all about it in another post.

This was my first manicure of the year. Snow White by Brucci

I went to a local shop which was where I discovered NYX cosmetics over 5 years ago, I came across these IONI cosmetics and decided to give them a try. I thought if the NYX products were good, why not give these a chance.
 I'll let you know my thoughts on them later on.
the lipgloss is called Sassy and the falsies are Tease.

This is what goes on over at Instagram
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Enjoy the rest of your day :)

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