Sneaker Wedge Trend

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

I'm pretty sure by now you have seen the wedged sneakers which have been on trend for some time now. I believe the first time I saw the trend it was on Kim Kardashian and I thought, " Who in the world would wear that!" But honestly they have grown on me. There's so many different styles and colors to choose from. They come with multi straps or just lace up. For those of you who aren't familiar with the trend, here's a few from different designers and brands. In case you were wondering how to wear them, here's an idea as well... 

This pair is from Aldo I really love the spiked detail on these, it gives any outfit an edgy feel.

This is one of the more simple ones out there. These are from Steve Madden

This look is for the type of girl who likes to add some boldness to her outfits. While some may think of "Goldmember" when they see this, some of us might think it will give any outfit some instant Glam. You can find these here.

As much as I like the trend I still haven't been able to get a pair, as I mentioned there's so many to choose from that I'm undecided on which ones would be a great fit for me. I'm not really a sneaker girl so if I do get a pair I want them to be perfect enough for me.

There's so many ways to wear them, I've seen girls wear them with skirts and dresses too.
Which ones would you wear and how would you style them?

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  1. Also contemplating in getting a wedge sneaker soon. but the soon-to-be-warm weather is stopping me. its time for strappy sandals soon :)
    great idea though

    1. I agree. I can't wait to wear sandals and show off my pedicures :)


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