In A Bohemian Mood!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Happy Friday Lovelies!
You've seen many of my layers, but this is one of my favorites aside from the "Rocker" look. I swear I was a Rock Star or a Bohemian goddess in my other life lol. Today I woke up in a bohemian mood...

I've had this outfit together for some time now but something was missing. I thought that a fringed bag would be the finishing touch. I was on the hunt for such bag and believe me I came across many, but they just weren't what I had in mind.
On a shopping trip to Target to get a few essentials and some things for Jax I came across this fringed bag. I studied it and put it over my shoulder and was at that one spot for a few minutes trying to decide whether to take it or not. And then it hit me, it's perfect! Navy is right on trend this fall so I knew it was going to be a great addition to my wardrobe.

I'm wearing this crochet dress from Forever 21 (old) and paired it with my Chambray top which is also on trend. I was going to wear tall boots but since the day was a little warmer today I went with these western styled booties which I think was a great pairing for the outfit. The Chambray top is a bit long so I tied it at the waist and added a belt. It kind of gives the illusion that I'm wearing a top and a skirt.

What I'm wearing....
Top: H&M
Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Gap
Boots: MIA
Bag: Target

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  1. LOVE the dress!!

    See? I remembered! ;)


  2. I need to borrow that bag!!!!! You look gorg!



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