Some Fall Lip Action!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey lovelies, today I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite lipstick shades for Fall. Some, you may have seen in previous post!

First I would like to share with you how I prep my lips:
I start off with Vaseline Lip Therapy. I swear this stuff really does leave my lips so soft and smooth. You definitely want that for your lips.

My All time favorite is Myth by MAC. I like wearing this as a base for other colors or by itself with gloss over it.
I recently purchased Rossetto or #14 from the Kate Collection by Rimmel, and I like the natural look it gives. I also purchased a gloss and liner from Rimmel. The liner is #018 "Addiction" and the gloss is Stay Glossy in #2131. The glosses from this collection are pretty good, I have two others that I like as well. The best part is that they are under $6, like my friend Melissa (@melissa_sweetstyles on Instagram) would say, "WooHoo" that's a bargain!
Another that I would like to add is Creme D Nude by MAC, it's such a pretty color and unlike Myth I don't have to wear lip gloss over it. It's a Creme Sheen and looks really nice.

Myth, Rossetto, Addiction, gloss 2131 and Creme D Nude

I like wearing my Pink lipsticks in the fall as well, but I go with a deeper shade of pink. One of my ALL time faves is "Girl About Town" by MAC. I like how it looks especially when I wear all black and my pink lips stand out!

Girl about town

Over the summer I purchased some NYX Matte lipsticks that I fell in love with. One of them being "Indie Flick", it's an orange hue and it looks really nice for Fall, if you're a bold girl like me hehe.

Indie Flick

I love a red lip, but not all reds look good on me. I think the best one on me has to be "Ruby Woo" by MAC. I have purchased different shades of red but Ruby Woo is always my go to red. Since this lipstick is Matte what I like to do if I want it glossy is add lip gloss. The one I use is from the Wonder Woman Collection by MAC.
Another red that I like, that's also by MAC, is "Chili". Now this is a perfect shade for fall. It also has a matte finish to it. It's more of a red with an orange undertone. Absolutely beautiful!

Ruby Woo, Chili, Wonder Woman lip glass

The only purple lipstick that has been my favorite for a few years now is "Up the Amp" by MAC. I recently ran out of it. I haven't been able to purchase another one because I can't go to MAC just to buy a lipstick, I usually walk out with 3 or more products. I know, it's bad lol. On one of my trips to Ulta I came across "Sweet Pink" by NYX and for me this lipstick is a substitute for Up the Amp. I actually like it more because it's Matte. It definitely isn't pink, its very similar to Up the Amp. It goes for about $6 compared to MAC for $14. (I love a bargain)
The next shade in this family is "Rebel" also by MAC. This color looks like wine and it's probably why I like it so much haha. Sometimes I like wear Up the Amp over it, the combination looks so pretty.

Shocking Pink and Rebel

These are my favorite shades for fall so far. I'm pretty sure I'll keep adding to the bunch. What works for me might not work for you, my suggestion is to try it on in the store and if you're not crazy about it, keep it moving.
After becoming a Mom I've learned that I can't always spoil myself with high end products, some drugstore products work just as well.

*Note: On the side bar where it says "Labels" if you click on "Ruby Woo" and any of the lipstick colors mentioned, you will see all the looks where I wore that lipstick.

I hope this post is useful to you. Happy Lipstick Shopping! :)

I would like to hear from you, please leave a comment! XO

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  1. Cool post! I love these colors! Love all the neutrals!


  2. I could totally see myself rocking MAC's Girl About Town. Rebel looks great too. I just wish I had the courage to rock a vampy lip haha. And I *completely* understand about walking out with more than one thing at the MAC store. -__- lol. Love this post!
    - Maika

  3. I want to try Myth. I'm in love with Rebel!!

  4. Ruby Woo, Chilli my all time favs i definitely have to try rebel and the NYX mattes they look awesome.



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