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Friday, September 14, 2012

Hey friends, just want to share with you what the past few days have been like....

Here's an outfit that didn't make it to the blog..

This was from the day I started working on my mom cave. I chose a light gray paint.

My blog got a makeover, for those of you who view the mobile version here's a preview....

Remember the Meet and Greet I was going to last week? Well it was rescheduled for tomorrow, so I'm super excited (again). I'm looking forward to meeting some of the other bloggers. Heres a look at my business cards, I got them just in time for the Meet & Greet. Yay!

On Fridays I usually do my hair and nails. Today I decided to do a peel- off mask. Which I totally forgot it was a peel-off and washed it off. This is what happens when you have kids lol. You tend to forget things.

Here's my manicure. I'm wearing a NYX color in #128 it looks black but it's actually kind of a gunmetal color.

This peel-off mask left my skin nice and smooth.

Happy Friday! I'll let you know how the Meet & Greet turned out!

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