My June Favorites

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hi loves!
 I have gathered all the products that I purchased and used throughout the month of June and wanted to share with you why they were my favorites.

I will tell you what each product is, and where they were purchased and the price.

The first is "Glow All The Way" by Hard Candy, I absolutely loved this because it's a face and body bronzer. It leaves my skin soft and with a beautiful glow. It kind of gives you that J.Lo glow. I purchased this one at Walmart and I don't remember exactly how much but it was somewhere between $5-$10. Btw they have about three different shades.

The next product is a Makeup Mist & Set by e.l.f. This product has Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C, & E. I like to mist my face after my makeup application to set the makeup. It helps your makeup last longer. I also like how it smells. I purchased this one at Target and it was only $3.

The next one is the Jergens Natural Glow Express. It's a body moisturizer which gives you a natural looking color in just 1 day. Yes in just one day of using this you will notice a hint of color. This is perfect if you have an event to go to and want a nice color without having to tan. What I like to do is apply this first and after it's dry I put on Hard Candy Glow. I absolutely love it. The price for this is about $8.

I'm very picky when it comes to my lips do to bad experiences I've had with lip gloss. I made a purchase once from Avon of lip glosses and I was very dissatisfied with them. They smelled and tasted bad. This happened years ago so I'm sure there's been some improvement. The lip gloss shown is from NYC. Its nice and smooth, smells and taste good. I like wearing it over lipsticks or by itself. I got this at Walmart and I believe it was about $3.

Next on the list is my Favorite of All! Flora by Gucci this is a new scent from the Garden Collection. The collection has three scents, I don't remember the others but this one is "Gardenia" and the color is a soft pink. The other two are a blue and a green color and also have a nice soft scent. This one was purchased at Macy's and it was $100. It was a little more than what I've paid for previous perfumes but it was worth it.

I'm a girl who loves her makeup. But you have to have a nice clean face before applying makeup. I'm always saying that I'm going to make my own facials and masks but never seem to come around to doing so. On one of my trips to Walmart I saw these masks and facial scrubs. I picked up a few different ones. So far I have only tried two of them which is the Goji Berry and the one shown which is the Cucumber peel-off mask. All you do is apply it to your face and neck and leave it on for about to minutes or until it's completely dry. You then peel it off and rinse your face. It leaves your face soft, and fresh. They are from Freeman and I believe Target also has them. They are less than $3 each.

Now for some more lip action.. Once Spring and Summer hits it's all about the lips for me. I like wearing my bright shades. Here I have two of the most worn this season. One is from MAC which is Vegas Volt $14 and the other is Hippie Chic by NYX in a matte finish and this one was purchased at Ulta for $5.99. I wear these by themselves and sometimes I even wear them together. I like the orange undertones that they have and I personally think it goes with everything.

I found myself in need of some concealer and I wasn't able to get the one I had been using for a few months. I happened to go to Walgreens and bought this Revlon Photo Ready Concealer. It's pretty good and gives good coverage. It also has SPF 20 and the shade I use is Fair 001. I think the price for this was $9.99. It's a stick concealed and you can apply it to your face without having to use a brush.

When I do my makeup I always do an eyeliner, I think it completes the look. I purchased this black one by Palladio a few months ago but didn't really use it until recently. I love the way it looks. It's very deep and what I do after I apply it, is smudge it out a little and it completes my eye makeup. I got this one from Ulta as well and it was $2.99. If you like a really dark eyeliner and don't want to spend much, I recommend this one. They have other colors as well.

Last but not least, I came across these mini pins by CONAIR. I did not know how useful they would be. They're great for those messy buns and even for braids. I have layers and when I do my side braids there's always a few hairs that come out, with these mini pins I can keep them in place and the best thing about them is that since they're so small you can't tell that you have them on. They come in different shades so you can match to your hair color. I don't remember exactly how much they cost but I'm sure they were under $4. I purchased these at Walmart.

These are just a few items that have been very useful to me. Everyones preference in beauty products is different. I hope that this can be useful to you if you were wondering how "good or bad" any of the products are.

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