It's cool out, but it's still summer..

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's been raining the past few days and the temperature tends to drop. What does one wear in such weather you probably wonder. While you might think that wearing a sweater might seem crazy because it's summer, it isn't. On a cool rainy day I would wear a pair of boyfriend jeans with a cute top and a blazer (as I did today). I chose to wear flats but you can also wear a pump or bootie. If you don't like the whole blazer trend you can try a light sweater. It all depends on where you're going also. And remember to accessorize, no ensemble is complete without accessories.
I put together three evening looks to kind of give you an idea of what you can wear for your night out whether it's date night or drinks with the girls. I hope this helps!
I'd really like to hear from you, don't forget to comment and feel free to ask questions. Enjoy your night out ladies!

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